Home Sweet Home


New Spirit Entertainment was created for those who grew up watching many of these television shows and have asked the producers to bring them back just for the memories- BUT we're also adding some new fresh material too! Run down the list of choices below, there's a lot to see. Tell your friends who grew up watching kids shows in New York (1981-1990) and Florida (1991-1993) to come visit too! Heck, you might even see yourself in a picture!!


Ranger Bob's Buckaroo Club

Buckaroo Club features Ranger Bob's television show from 1980-1994 with videos, pictures and Buckaroo Museum artifacts.


Watch yer Step

BLOG FULLA BULL is our parody of the daily news headlines which are unbelievable as it is!


The Gravemaster Late Night Movie Host..

Grandpa T1

Grandpa T

If your not having a Senior Moment Right now....remember, time is NOT on your side!


Animal Crack-Ups

Watch the Adventures of "Billy the Dog"