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The Buckaroo Club Cards

One Big Buckaroo Community! The Buckaroo Club card was like an adult Visa- It could get you where you wanted to be! Many thanks to all the local sponsors who supported family entertainment and made these kids feel special!



The Kid's program began as the first video game on television called TV Powww. At that time the only one with a Club Card was Ranger Bob, and thats when he got the idea, "Hey everybody should get one of these and it should be good for something other than getting past the goofy guard in the lobby."



WGRC-TV was owned and operated by Time Warner Cable and this is where the first Buckaroo Club Card came to life..."It's ALIVE!!" Thousands of Buckaroos used the card at local events like Red Wings Baseball games, Seabreeze Amusement Park and Renaissance Fair- And at many great local sponsors like King's Sales Carnival Supplies, Bill Gray's Restaurants and Buckman's Dairy.



WKCF-TV was owned by Press Broadcasting. Over 30,000 Buckaroos were card carrying Buckaroo Club members. (I think we had more people than the local UAW) The cards encouraged family entertainment so kids could say, "Mom and Dad lets go out, I get in free!" Cards were good for free kids meals at local restaurants and sweet treats at places like Dairy Queen, And Oh... don't forget the Ranger Bob parties at Cubs and Astros Baseball games, Sea World, Universal Studios and Wet & Wild water parks.

Handouts & Giveaways

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The Buckaroo Mug

Giveaway on WUHF 31 Buckaroo Club in Rochester NY. Some Buckaroos still have them! Artwork was perfected by the shows Director Tom Sweeney.


Reading Rangers Pencil Sharpener

The reading incentive program Reading Rangers lassoed 550 kids at Paddy Hill Elementary School in Greece, NY. to read the most books possible in a one month period. They didn't need the prize. They were sharp enough on their own!


WGRC-TV5 Buckaroo Pencil

These were cool, they even had the star on them. Use these and you can't be "misled.' (ok I know that was a cheap joke)


WKCF-TV18 Club Pencil

The TV 18 logo was always done in flourescent colors. I guess we could afford graphics so we used spray paint. These were good if you were writing in the dark!


Fun World Buckaroo Token

Specially made by Fun World, Sanford Fl., Home of the 1st Buckaroo Club Miniature Golf Tournament where hundreds of families participated for trophies and prizes. (See pictures on the Peanut Gallery page)


Golf Tournament Hat

Buckaroo Club Miniature Golf Tournament hats and T-shirts were part of the prize packages. The good thing about being a kid is, this is just as good as money so we didn't have to write a check too.


Cubs-Buckaroo Club Card

Buckaroo Club card members enjoyed many baseball games at Tinker Field, the home of the Orlando Cubs. In one of them, we saw Michael Jordan while playing for the Birmingham Barons. Among giveaways was the Buckaroo Club Baseball Card which was narrowly edged out for Best Gold Autographed Cubs Card by Brooks Kieschnick.


1994 Orlando Cubs Team Photo

In 1993, the Chicago Cubs became the team's major-league affiliate. While still a Chicago Cubs affiliate, the team renamed itself once again in 1997 and became the Orlando Rays.The manager was Dave Trembly and pitcher Jason Ryan went on to play two seasons at the major league level for the Minnesota Twins.The Orlando Rays' last season at Tinker Field was 1999.


1980 Red Wings Baseball

The Red Wings, based in Rochester NY. were class AAA and part of the international league affiliated with the Baltimore Orioles. Head Coach that year was Doc Edwards. TV 31 hosted several kids nights and Ranger Bob got to be field announcer for a night. To keep him from doing it again, they gave him this autographed baseball.


Texas Ranger Certificate

The Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum is located in Waco, Texas. Their mission is to educate and inspire appreciation of the Texas Rangers, a legendary symbol of Texas and the American West. Ranger Bob was made an Honorary Member in 1992. They had to... his first name IS Ranger.


James Lofton Autograph Photo

James Lofton was the wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills Football Team in the 1980's appearing with Ranger Bob to promote staying in school. Two famous quotes came from that show. James said, "Keep your eye on the dream." Ranger Bob said, "when the chips are down....the Buffalo's empty!"


Syndicated Cartoonist Jake Vest

Jake Vest is the creator of the nationally syndicated cartoon 'That's Jake'. Vest drew from his own experiences of growing up on the country farm where the first word out of everyones mouth is "Watch where your stepping!" Jake appeared on Ranger Bob's career segment to show him how to draw something other than flies.


Reading Rangers Book Mark

A new reading incentive program called Reading Rangers was a huge success at Paddy Hill Elementary school in Greece, NY. All 550 students entered a competition to see how many books they could read in a month. Weekly progress was covered on the TV show and Ranger returned to tape segments of the finale. Among the many prizes were the Ranger bookmark. (see kids drawings on the Peanut Gallery page)


Buckaroo Halloween Goodie Bag

One of the biggest Halloween shows took place at Eastview Mall in Rochester, NY. Hundreds of Circle "B" Club members enjoyed a live show, and safe Trick or Treats indoors at all participating sponsors. The Ranger also taped individual segments with kids for the TV show and handed out the Club goodie bag. Many were happy cause your pockets can hold only so much candy before your pants fall down.


Autographed Handout/ WHUF-31

When our Buckaroos started asking for Ranger Bob's autograph we needed to find something to write on-other than their foreheads. Ranger Bob and his hairy sidekick "Goobie" were the first autographed handouts. Parents were happy because black felt magic marker doesn't wash off very easy.


Autographed Handout/ WGRC-5

After moving the Buckaroo Club to another station, we gave the Ranger another look hoping no-one would recognize him...But they asked for autographs anyway. The Buckaroo Club was now The Circle "B" Club cause abbreviation was easier to remember.


Autographed Handout/WKCF-18

When the show moved to Florida we decided to change to color pictures. Up north its always cloudy. In Florida its sunny, so they could actually see what the picture looked like. The costume grew in class through the years making everyone happy except the cow Ranger Bob is wearing in this picture.


Autographed Shaq Newsletter

Cheesy? maybe- but if you have one you really do have an autograph from Shaq. He was gracious enough to be a part of the Ranger's Future Ready program for encouraging kids to follow their dream. Oddly enough, he wanted to be a dancer after watching the TV show "Fame", but took up basketball after a giant growth spurt. Just for your info from the above picture. His shoe size is 20!


Autographed Magaden Newsletter

Dave Magadan was the starting 3rd baseman for the Florida Marlins when this picture was taken and the Ranger went to do an interview at training camp in Brevard County Fl. Dave talked about the influence of his dad Joe in becoming a great player. His advice for Buckaroos, "Stay focused and dedicated on seeing your dream all the way through." Dave focused on an education by passing on the professional draft out of high school to attend the University of Alabama.


Buckaroo Certificate

Ranger Bob club card members were honored in receiving the "Official Deputy Buckaroo" Club certificate, signed personally by WGRC Station Manager John Orr and Frank Chiaino, President & CEO of Greater Rochester Cablevision. If you didn't graduate from college, this was good enough to get you a job anyway.


Circle B Club Deputy Badge

The Circle B Club badge was a sign of being sworn in as an Official Deputy at a Ranger on the Road appearance. The first thing you had to lean was not to dunk a donut above the knuckle. You were not assigned to crowd control -because YOU were the crowd!

Final-Ranger Bob TV 18 Badge

The Buckaroo Badge

WKCF's Buckaroo Club had rolls and rolls of these stick on badges. We stuck em on our clothes, our faces , and our books- we were really stuck-up! The Buckaroo Badge meant you were law abiding and would eat no popsicle before it's time.