T-Shirt Museum

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The Buckaroo Body Suit

A cool prize or handout at live events was the Buckaroo Club T-s. Here's the runway line of threads...

Small-FINAL GRC Front and Back

Circle B Club-WGRC-TV

The 1st Official Club T-shirt was created at WGRC-TV 5. The artwork was done by Assistant Producer Ron Morse who I am proud to report, today is a Chaplain serving in Prison Ministry. See what working with the Ranger can do to you!!

Small-WGRC Green front and back

Circle B Club- Swag 2 Unveiled

Straight from the highlighter factory, these shirts were a reflection of ourselves. A new drawing of the Ranger was designed to promote our Ranger on the Road segments where we took cameras outside the studio giving kids their chance to be on TV. Don't remember who the artist was-if you do, email me.

Small TV 18 Yellow shirts back and front


Buckaroo Club Orlando shirts debuted with the yellow color, because its sunny ALL the time. The traditional sheriff's star stayed with a different caricature. I believe the artist was from Rochester, but can't remember the name cause I can eat at the restaurant's early bird dinners for seniors now!

Smaller-FINAL TV 18 front and back

TV-18 Fashion Line 2

If you've ever walked on the sun, you know what it's like to live in Florida. Every day your deodorant goes from "Sure" to Undecieded! A lighter white "T" was more comfortable (and probably cheaper for the station)

Small-Big Chill

The Big Chill T

Many great local businesses helped promote and sponsor Ranger Bob shows produced outside the studio. Watermaina was one of them. The Ranger likes this shirt because his body will NEVER look like this no matter how many times he goes to Planet Fitness! The Artwork was done by Artist Jim King who is now an owner of a Big Time company called Wyldblue Entertainment.

Small-Ranger Sweatshirt

TV 18 Winter Wardrobe

Yeah, I know, Winter in Florida is an oxymoron, but if you spend all year basting like a turkey in 100 degree weather, even 50 has you shaking in your boots! This was REALLY a limited edition. Not sure who did this artwork- but not bad eh?