Where Are They Now?

Lenny Goobner
Town Idiot

Truth is stranger than fiction, and Lenny is stranger than both. Lenny left to join the ballet but the tights were too tight. Then he got kicked out of the Hell's Angels when they found his Partridge Family albums. Today he is VP in charge of setting up traffic cones for the DMV.

Mr. & Mrs. Poww
Game Show Hosts

Mr. and Mrs. Poww were the official score keepers for the first interactive TV game. They sold the rights to TV Poww and created another game show called, "The Price is Right." Pictured here they are relaxing on the sundeck of their home in Sarasota FL.

Wild Bill
Pony Express

Wild Bill became a fashion designer on Project Runway. He made a wedding dress out of carpet remnants.


Goobie was Ranger Bob's first deputy and  spent most of his time combing his face. He invented the Gillette Sensor razor blade and now lives in a palm tree on St Croix, US Virgin Islands. 

Julia Chili
Bad Cook

Julia was forced to leave the country after an outbreak of Pot Pie food poisoning. She moved to Australia and opened a fast food kangaroo burger place called Joey in a Pouch. Her tag line is, "the only thing that jumps here...is the price!"

Hip Teen

Chet started a Rocker Barber Shop-No cutting- he just shaves the sides of your head. He calls it "side swiping." Chet's first client was a guy named Mr. "T" and his second was Robert Deniro who was filming the movie Taxi.

Sy Goldbricker
  Tie Designer

Sy sold the business and went to be a quarterback for the NFL's 1st Nude football team. It didn't last long, because the huddle alone was enough to clear the stands!

Wrongway Ryan
Wondering Why

WrongWay became a chemistry teacher. Three survivors from todays class are scheduled to leave the hospital tomorrow. His goal in life is to search for the "Y" chromosome.

Lisa Lovestruck

Lisa is the Pastor of the The Datsun Wedding Wagon, the only mobile chapel in Las Vegas. Her van features an Express Window if you wanna get married in a minute or less.  

Lenny Lipshiz

Lenny went home to his birthplace, Silicon Valley. He met Drew Barrymore at an on-line dating service and moved to LA, where he now runs a male escort service for vinyl clients only.

Goobie Bird
Endangered Species

Spent some time locked in a cage after stealing bird seed from an ACME Store. Escaped and tried to fly the coop, but was last seen hitting the windshield of a semi going 85 MPH on I-95 south. The driver was overcome by feathers and had to pull over.

Pop Tart
Annoying Resident

Pop's favorite saying is, "If at first you don't succeed, failure may be your thing!"  He is currently the US Ambassador to Japan. Yesterday he caused  mass panic among the Prime Ministers staff by yelling "Godzilla" in a crowded elevator.